Water Quality Committee

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The water quality committee’s efforts include monitoring indicators of water quality and documenting changes over time. Members are trained through the Cooperative Lakes Management Program. Members of this committee also monitor the lake for invasive species. The chairperson of the water quality committee is Mike Gallagher. Why Monitor Water Quality? The beautiful lakes and streams […]

Our Mission


The mission of the Gull Lake Quality Organization; To address concerns and provide education regarding the use of natural resources of the Gull Lake Watershed.

Watersheds 101

What is a watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes (sheds) into the same place. In the area covered by the Gull Lake Watershed, all of the ground and surface water ultimately drains into Gull Lake.

The Gull Lake Watershed spans four townships in two Southwest Michigan counties. Anything that affects to ground or surface water in our watershed potentially affects water quality in Gull Lake and beyond in the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan.

This map is based on work done by Dr. David P. Lusch of the Michigan State University Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science back in 2000.

Recent News

  • New Law Applies to Blood Alcohol Limits

    Michigan House Bill 4441, effective on March 31, 2015, lowers blood alcohol limits for people driving boats on any waters in the State of Michigan. The new law applies to snowmobiles and off-road vehicles too. According to its website (http://www.legislature.mi.gov), the law states: (1) A person shall not operate a motorboat on the waters of […]

  • Boating Safety Update

    Are you observing the 100-Foot Rule? It is every boater’s responsibility to know the laws regulating boating and watercraft. Two regulations, the 100-foot rule and counterclockwise operations, became law in 1994 and are defined in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, Section 324.80149. As a visual reminder about the100-foot rule and counterclockwise operations, we […]