Water Quality


Why Monitor Water Quality? The beautiful lakes and streams of the Gull Lake watershed are our area’s most valuable resource. They support swimming, boating, fishing, and other recreational activities for residents throughout the region.  They also support a diverse wildlife and boost area property values. But we cannot take the high quality of our lakes […]

Government Affairs


The Gull Lake Watershed falls under the jurisdiction of four townships—Richland, Ross, Barry, and Prairieville. GLQO is committed to facilitating cooperation and coordination among the townships and stakeholders in order to protect the quality of our watershed. Why is cooperation and coordination among the four townships important? As emphasized in the introduction to the 2011 […]

Our Mission


The mission of the Gull Lake Quality Organization; To address concerns and provide education regarding the use of natural resources of the Gull Lake Watershed.

Watersheds 101



Just what is a watershed?

Bodies of water are fed by groundwater and rainwater from the surrounding area. That area is known as a watershed.

The Gull Lake Watershed spans two counties and four townships. Needless to say, what happens anywhere within this area can and does impact Gull Lake and the other lakes, streams and marsh areas.

This map is based on work done by Dr. David P. Lusch of the Michigan State University Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science back in 2000.

Recent News

  • Boat Traffic – Counterclockwise!

    We’ve received reports recently of the Marine Patrol on Gull Lake giving out warnings to boaters “not traveling in a counterclockwise direction”. This is a legitimate Michigan law, passed in 1994, and has been noted in the Michigan Boating Regulations booklet since that time. We recommend all boaters be familiar with this and other Michigan […]

  • personalwatercraft

    2012 PWC Laws

    As of October 1, 2011, Michigan law states that no person under age 14 may operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC); 14 and 15 year olds can only operate a PWC if they are riding with, or within 100 feet of, a parent or guardian. Make sure you and your children are aware of these new […]